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Introducing Native Planner and Native Planner Plus; data visualization and interaction components built natively on the Salesforce platform. Our comprehensive tools help users understand, modify, and streamline their data for use cases that require scheduling or planning of resources, workforce, shifts, events, and more!

They work with any custom or standard objects with a master-detail or lookup relationship and can be configured based on the Salesforce org’s data structure and user requirements. To make them even better, they also have an export to PDF and export to PNG capability to allow users to share a snapshot of the data outside of the Salesforce platform. This ensures maximum benefit while minimizing inefficiency.

Explore the options

Whether you're looking for all the free functions Native Planner has to offer, or would like a more robust tool, Native Planner or Native Planner Plus has you covered.

Capabilities Comparison

Native Planner

Parent and child
Edit data
Gantt and Scheduler charts
Gantt one to one
Limited date/time scale

Native Planner Plus

Parent, child, and an extra child (can be related to the parent or child)
Edit and create records
Gantt, Scheduler, Grid and Matrix charts
Gantt one to many
Unlimited date/time scope, unlimited record load

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Native Planner Plus is our newest and most innovative tool that offers two new chart types that allow you to work with your data in the same UX environment without the date timeline requirements all in one place.

UI experience

Editing records has never been easier! Our easy-to-use interface allows you to drag and drop dates or fields for quick edits, users can edit any detail they would like without having too many screens open at once (saving time!), as well as being able to double click anywhere within a record and open it up in another tab so there isn't anything left behind when editing.

Native Planner Plus!
Create New Records

Native Planner Plus! takes this a step further. allow you to create records right from the chart. This is done by filling out the required fields for the object you are trying to create and hitting save. You will never have to worry about losing your place or leaving anything behind when working in our charts!

Smart Filters
and Search

Our custom search functionality allows you to slice and dice your data graphically in whatever way makes sense for the type of information that's relevant. With a few clicks, effortlessly filter through all available metrics by slicing up timeframes or selecting key terms—and see what pops out!

Native Planner Plus!
Advance Filters and Search

Native Planner Plus goes one step further with Smart Filters.This unique feature allows you to not only filter your data, but also apply those filters to other charts on the page for easy comparisons. So, if you're looking at a Gantt chart and want to see how that compares to your Scheduler chart, simply apply the same filters and they'll both populate with the same data set.

Completely customize
to your needs

This component is fully customizable. You can change the colors and height of bars to match your personal preference as well as adjust the data structure, so it displays fields in a way that best suits your needs! Native Planner Plus allows for further customization that our free version doesn't offer.

Benefits tailored to your unique needs

  • Use your own Data structure
  • Custom scalable timeframe to define your unique business operating hours, days, etc.
  • Customize title, icons, ledger, default view settings, colors, and more!
  • Connect your disconnected data using reference IDs even if there are no relationship fields (lookup / master-detail)
  • Export your data to pdf and png

Leverage a wide variety of use cases to elevate your business

Real Estate

View an interactive floorplan to see how many rooms are available, the capacity of each room, and associated availability or scheduling issues. This makes it easy for your organization to see the availability of each room and to map out how they fit together.

  • HR scheduling
  • Make Ready board
  • Tour/Showing scheduler
  • Lease expiration board
  • Rental/Booking assets by hours/day/week/month

Project Management

Native Planner and Native Planner Plus enable users to view, prioritize and plan projects in a straightforward manner. They can also be organized by different categories while being able to visualize the cost of each project. This allows managers to effectively plan and allocate resources to various projects in a timely manner.

  • Asset management
  • Project assignment


Schedule a broadcast to a contact group, custom object, or to everyone in your organization. You can also schedule ads or emails to be seen at a later time or date. This makes it easy for organizations to stretch their outreach efforts without having to take up too much time or effort.

  • Ads scheduling board
  • Show planning


Manage shift planning, assign a production sheet to a selected resource, review the availability of your workforce, and assign accordingly. This is great for businesses that have flexible or shift-based work hours.

  • Order manufacturing schedules
  • Shift schedules
  • Production line schedules


Manage daily, weekly, monthly medication, patient, and staff schedules to ensure that the right patient receives the right treatment and care at the right time. This ensures that patients are being taken care of, the staff is up to date on their schedule, and managers have a holistic view of the patient experience.

  • Nurse staffing plan
  • Patient visits
  • Operating room scheduling


Schedule educational resources to optimize the use of class time and resources by considering available resources such as teachers, classrooms, equipment, and more. Here, managers can see when and where classes are being held and move around the available resources to match the schedule. This is great for schools with flexible class schedules: afterschool programs, short-term projects, and night-time courses.

  • Amenity Reservations (Study rooms, labs, etc.)
  • Student and faculty schedules

How Native Planner and Native Planner + is different than other solutions

Native Planner and Native Planner + is the only Salesforce component for this kind of data visualization available on the AppExchange.

They are natively developed on the Salesforce platform which provides maximum flexibility and control without taking a toll on your infrastructure. This means that you get the functionality you need with the flexibility to change what you need—without having to rely on outside developers or costly overhead.

Our tools are available on the AppExchange, so there are no integration fees, data migration costs, or IT required. You can focus on growing your business and use Native Planner as you see fit.

Native Planner and Native Planner + are backed by a robust support team that is available after-hours and on weekends, so you can reach out to us when it matters most.

Why our tools are the solution for you

  • Native Planner is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so you can navigate it without training.
  • You don't need programming knowledge, push code, or to rely on external developers to get your organization access to the functionality at a fraction of the cost.
  • Fully customizable data visualization and scheduling tools that enable users to slice and dice their data to their core content.
  • Native Planner, our free version, is available today - simply download it from the AppExchange and get started!

Do more with Native Planner Plus

Native Planner Plus is our most powerful tool and the next step in data visualization and resource scheduling. With added features like new chart types and improvements, improved UI pop-up design, and an unlimited records load, Native Planner Plus is perfect for businesses who want to get more out of their data. It contains everything and more that Native Planner has!

In this enhanced version, Native Planner Plus offers the ability to:

  • Quickly create related records by clicking the Grid
  • Use Page Record or Logged-In User Id to filter parent records or child records
  • A third object on the component (parent, child, and extra child of parent or child)
  • Interface Date range allows choosing the range of dates From and To
  • Hide/Show parent without the child
  • Confirm before saving any record changes when dragging
  • Support more static dates on Component Start Date
  • Unlimited range for paths when connected child's are not visible
  • Disable popup altogether

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