Native Salesforce ERP

Unified Real Estate and Property Management ERP for Salesforce

Built-in Components

In combination with Salesforce, NativeERP provides its users with centralized access to all business functions. With more than a dozen components, organizations can seamlessly manage their operations, automate cross-application workflows, and benefit from a 360-degree visibility of business performance.


& Lending

Underwrite land and property purchases, create field estimates, set MAO's, and determine After Repair/Renovation Value.

Construction & Budget Management

Create project and construction budgets and analyze budget-to-actual comparisons.


& Sales

Manage and automate lease or sales document creation, execution and post-lease changes.

Property Management

Manage post-lease processes such as maintenance, move-in, move-out, customer service, and more.


Create automation workflows, access hundreds of reports, and view operational performance.

Enterprise-Level Accounting

Create segmented ledgers, setup multiple currency types, manage the full asset lifecycle, from acquisition to disposal.

Resident, Owner & Vendor Portal

Create a community of residents, owners and vendors and automate work order assignments, billing and RFP processes.



Dynamic view of unit availability, photos, videos, and content.

In-Site Adoption

& Training

Automated on-demand step-by-step in-site assistance.

Document Management & e-Signatures

Create document templates or amendments by community, region or type and transmit documents for execution.



Manage utility and ancillary billing, metering equipment installation and maintenance, or view daily meter reads.

A/R & A/P


Scan personal, business or certified checks, process credit card payments or automate debits and credits using ACH.

SMS Communication

Automatically send notifications to residents using SMS text messaging and log return replies.

VOIP Routing & Recording

Create VOIP lines, route and record phone calls and view call analytic reports.

Background Reporting

Ensure residents and vendors meet security and credit standards.

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Training and Adoption Step-by-Step Guide
Background Checks
Document Management
Check Scanning and ACH for Salesforce
SMS Text Messaging Solution
Utility Management Services
VOIP Routing and Logging
Salesforce At Its Core
Credit Card Payments
Native Salesforce Document Scanning

Why use NativeERP?

While other similar products offer a few features that you can really consider useful, NativeERP is always one step ahead
of competitors. Find out why you should use NativeERP below.

Centralized Access

Access all core business functions from one centralized location.

Cross-Solution Workflow Automation

Automate workflows across one of multiple components.

Item Lifecycle Journey

Track a users, consumers, rentable item or property from beginning of the life cycle until its end.

Relational Data Structure

Data schema allows for the creation of rentable items without unit association.

Fully Customizable

Self-customize each component within the NativeERP platform.

Access to AppExchange

Easily choose, deploy and implement applications from within the Salesforce AppExchange.

Download our brochure to understand how NativeERP addresses the most difficult challenges in the property management and real estate industries.