Take Control of Your Real Estate Technology

Experience the Power of a Unified Platform

NativeERP is an end-to-end solution developed to help leading real estate firms grow and manage their entire business more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Optimized for Your


Your NativeERP platform is powerful, flexible and 100% yours: it’s custom-tailored to your company, and designed to easily evolve as your business needs shift and expand. Gain the most accurate and comprehensive data about your business performance, while increasing user engagement and generating better insight in areas such as: accounting, sales, marketing, customer service, and operations.

360 Degree


With NativeERP you see the entire story: every touchpoint from every transaction and interaction across your business is captured in real-time, analyzed and at your fingertips, giving you the ability to anticipate problems before they arise. Utilize data to measure performance indicators and gain a deeper understanding to which people and processes are succeeding, and areas requiring attention.

Thousands of


Get complete access to everything that Salesforce offers, including world-class innovation and thousands of apps and tools. Gain access the expertise already available and deployed by dozens of industries. You will experience these best in class resources in one platform, and deploy learning right from solution making onboarding more efficient and transform the way you do business.

Endless Benefits of the Salesforce AppExchange ERP

With more than a dozen built-in components, and access to everything that Salesforce offers, you can effectively and seamlessly manage acquisitions, sales, marketing, operations, and finances in one central location.

  • Elimination of manual data entry that often ties up employees for hours or days.
  • Minimize the risks associated with user error, reducing liabilities.
  • Centralize and Manage your business with best in class resources in one location.
  • Deploy learning right from your platform, making onboarding more efficient.
  • Easily automate processes, selecting from 5,000+ third-party solutions reviewed by 70,000 of your peers.

Leverage Communities to Connect and Empower

Real Estate is, and will always be, a people-business: it's as much about numbers as it is about relationships-- building them, nurturing them, growing them. Those connections, both within your company and with your clients, is the life-blood of your business. And when you manage relationships effectively, your numbers improve. Communities create true collaboration between customers, partners, employees, and suppliers by empowering them to connect, engage and share information regardless of their role or location.

  • Chat live with one another
  • Access self-service portals
  • Create their own cases
  • Manage their account
  • Share files and data
  • Propose new ideas' and more!

Designed to Evolve with Your Business

The NativeERP platform is not only native to your specific business and how it runs today, but it provides you with the power to change it or update it whenever you want. Solve challenges and leverage all of the innovation and options that are already baked into Salesforce ERP today, and everything that they dream up in the future -- so there is no limit to what you can do.

Legacy Solutions


Heavy customization is needed to run your business the way you uniquely operate -- but it's often clunky and very slow to deploy. Integrations are limited.


Modular and siloed systems cause data gaps and don't allow you to see the entire picture. Multiple points of entry reduce efficiency and productivity.

Lack of Resources

Legacy systems require specific skills and incorporate extensive and unique customization with little to no collaboration. Experts which are highly tenured but difficult to find are needed for management of the system.

High cost to Productivity

Multiple solution logins, lack of automation and process-heavy tasks not only cause gaps in data, but requires extensive training in multiple solutions -- which is time-consuming and costly.

NativeERP Salesforce Logo
Flexible and Scalable

You and your users have the power to change or update your platform whenever you want -- no coding knowledge necessary! Integrations are limitless.

Completely Connected

Every piece of data, even from external systems, is captured in real-time, analyzed, and used to trigger cross solution workflows.


Your organization benefits from experts in the areas of adoption including: Acquisitions & Lending, Construction and Budget Management, Enterprise-Level Accounting, Payments, VOIP, Background Checks, Document Management, Utility Management and more.

Increased Productivity

With Single Sign-On technology, seamless process automation, and in-site user training, your organization can reduce costs, increase employee retention, and allocate and prioritize time wisely.

Your End-to-End Solution

Developed on the Salesforce Platform and customized for real estate, NativeERP is a winning combination of groundbreaking cloud technology and real estate business best practices: an end-to-end solution specifically developed to help leading real estate firms grow and manage their entire business more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Manage Every Aspect of Your Business

In combination with Salesforce, NativeERP provides its users with centralized access to all business functions. With more than a dozen components, organizations can seamlessly manage their operations, automate cross-application workflows, and benefit from a 360-degree visibility of business performance.


& Lending

Automate acquisition and lending processes, create strategic plans, underwrite purchases while garnering powerful data to drive decision-making and eliminating reliance on spreadsheets

Construction & Budget Management

Create project and construction budgets and analyze budget-to-actual comparisons. Create field service estimates and keep track of project costs for future planning


& Sales

Powered by the #1 CRM, manage leads in a centralized solution, store entire communication history, automate communications and discover actionable insights into lead and team performance

Property Management

Customizable Salesforce for property management features including automated communications, mobile service requests, visitor management & package tracking, automated renewals, comprehensive reporting & dashboards and more...


Create automation workflows, access and easily configure reports to discover actionable insights into your business performance. Seamlessly integrate with all cross solutions to manage the entirety of your operation in one platform

Enterprise-Level Accounting

Control chart of accounts setup, consolidate general ledger and project accounting, and automate accounting processes for truly analytical and intuitive financial management

Resident, Owner & Vendor Portal

Create branded experiences through your platform to connect and share information with tenants, suppliers, external partners and employees such as billing, payments, RFP’s, work order requests and more...



Publish real-time availability, pricing, photos, and videos to ILS, social media, blogs and web pages. Drive user engagement through consistent storytelling of your brand

In-Site Adoption

& Training

On-demand, step-by-step in-site assistance for all processes and workflows. Increased sharing and collaboration among peers. Provide and receive real-time feedback while facilitating learning on the go

Document Management & e-Signatures

Store and share documents, contracts, images, video, and other content. Digitally send legal documents and notices to obtain fast, simple and secure e-signatures



Eliminate errors, administrative work and create workflows while integrating with RUBS or ancillary provider. Manage metering equipment, consumption concerns and meter reads within your solution

Accounts Payable

& Receivable

Streamline invoice capture processes, speed up approvals while eliminating potential mistakes and late fees. Automated rent billing and collections processes. Send automatic collection notifications

SMS Communication

Automatically send text notifications to customers and suppliers, log and store conversation history. Generate team-based, multi-user 2-way texting and mass SMS campaigns

Call Routing & Recording

Answer 4x more calls, gain visibility into user activity, phone performance, call length and volume, dropped calls and call recordings through dashboards, and call analytics

Credit & Background Reporting

Seamless integration with any screening provider to move applicants quickly through the review process and eliminate data re-entry, with the click of a button

Enterprice-Level Accounting Solution for Salesforce
Training and Adoption Step-by-Step Guide
Background Checks
Document Management
Check Scanning and ACH for Salesforce
SMS Text Messaging Solution
Utility Management Services
VOIP Routing and Logging
Salesforce At Its Core
Credit Card Payments
Native Salesforce Document Scanning

Why use NativeERP?

While other similar products offer a few features that you can really consider useful, NativeERP is always one step ahead
of competitors. Find out why you should use NativeERP below.

Centralized Access

Access all core business functions from one centralized location.

Cross-Solution Workflow Automation

Automate workflows across one of multiple components.

Item Lifecycle Journey

Track a users, consumers, rentable item or property from beginning of the life cycle until its end.

Relational Data Structure

Data schema allows for the creation of rentable items without unit association.

Fully Customizable

Self-customize each component within the NativeERP platform.

Access to AppExchange

Easily choose, deploy and implement applications from within the Salesforce AppExchange.

The Right Tools, Right at Your Fingertips

We built NativeERP on the Salesforce Platform providing you with complete access to everything that Salesforce offers, including world-class innovation and thousands of apps and tools. Your Real Estate organization can now utilize the innovation and expertise already available and deployed by dozens of industries, transforming the way you do business, installed in just a few clicks. NativeERP takes the concept of an open and flexible platform to a whole new level.

Single Solution for all Roles & Markets

Manage every aspect of your organization in one open and connected platform. Evolve your business from retail to residential, and private equity to public REITs.

Affordable Housing

Stay on top of compliance, reporting and complex requirements with one comprehensive interface. Customized and data accurate waitlist management, rent and income eligibility calculations, and unit inspection workflows to streamline your processes

Commercial Real Estate

Automate and customize deal management workflows for asset managers and brokers, reduce leasing cycle time, improve communications and engage prospective tenants, quickly identify available space, automate renewals, relocations and terminations without going off platform

Condo, CO-OP& HOA

Provide key stakeholders access to critical information such as real-time financial information, ownership details, documents and calendars through Owner, Vendor and Board Member portals. Improve relationships with automated messaging and powerful communication tools

Coworking & Shared Spaces

Simplify meeting room management with a seamless meeting room booking experience. Automate the entirety of billing and accounting processes, centralize payments and reporting in one single source, review and customize dashboards and reports

Facilities & Healthcare

Improve purchasing and inventory control, automate preventative maintenance workflows, and improve customer relationships with comprehensive work order trail. Streamline operations with Vendor portal for invoicing and payment information, RFP’s and agreements

Hotel & Motel

Increase guest satisfaction and communications through streamlined workflows and powerful communication tools. Simplify your booking process, manage inventory and availability, housekeeping and accounting through robust operations workflows from a single platform for all interactions

Manufactured Housing

Manage mixed portfolio in a single solution. Optimize ability to offer daily or short-term bookings. Track asset ownership trail, inventory location and historical information with confidence and real time accuracy

Military Housing

Optimize productivity with automated workflows and processes without the need for endless workarounds or separate logins. Assurance PAM and Schedule G reports are accurate and accessible through a centrally managed, secure platform


Take control of the entire lifecycle and history of your assets and customers from acquisition to disposition and lead to lease, in a single platform designed to help you attract renters, engage and easily communicate with residents while centralizing automating your operations

Office, Industrial & Retail

Maintain a competitive advantage for your portfolio with custom tailored encumbrance reporting, tenant and deal management, customized stacking plans, and comprehensive budgeting, forecasting and reporting for your stakeholders

RV Site & Campground Management

Create a community of residents, owners and vendors while automating and streamlining work order assignments, billing and RFP processes. Gain the insight you need to manage your sites through robust reporting and analytics

Self Storage

Standardize workflows for one or multiple locations, including user levels, forms, discount plans and revenue management. Generate detailed reports for all of your locations and utilize this information for pricing units, comparing profits, and making new business plans

Senior Living

Manage the complexity of senior living with workflows and views will assist in clinical management, marketing, billing and document storage to improve both customer experience and operational efficiency

Single Family Homes

Effectively change the way potential residents’ shop for housing online through integrated website and search functionality. Gain greater visibility into financial reporting and insights through customized dashboards and data in a centralized location

Student Housing

Increase and efficiency with a single source for the complete student lifecycle, from lead to lease, roommate matching and unit assignment to accounts receivable functions, forecasting, goal reporting and more

How will NativeERP Benefit You?

Use the calculator below to determine how NativeERP will significantly improve your financial performance through increased productivity and efficiency.

Download our brochure to understand how NativeERP addresses the most difficult challenges in the property management and real estate industries.