Chapter 4: Task Management

After creating project and project phases, you can break them down into multiple smaller tasks and assign each task to a different team member for increased development velocity. Task Management is super easy Native Project as it automatically adds tasks to the Gantt, Kanban board, and the scheduler.

Creating and Assigning Tasks:

To create a task, go to Project Tasks and click New.

Creating New Task

Fill in the required data in the fields and Save.

Task Details Form

Project Task Interface:

When you open a task, you see the following tabs:

Task Tabs

Let's explore them briefly:

Related Tab:

Shows task history and existing project assignments. You can also add new Project Assignments by clicking the New button.

Related Tab

Details Tab:

Shows the task details and allows you to edit them.

Details Tab

Manage Task Dependencies:

The Native Project allows you to add task dependencies in the form of predecessors and successors.

Predecessor: The task that must be completed before the other task starts.

Successor: The task that will be started after the current task is complete.

To manage task dependencies, go to Project Gantt and look for the required task. Double-click the predecessor or successor and select the link icon:

Link Icon

Now, to connect it to another task, click in the center of the other task.

Task Dependency

An arrow will appear showing task dependency.

Task Dependency Arrow

To remove dependency, double-click on the dependency and click the following icon:

Remove Dependency Icon

Using Task Lists and Filters:

When you have numerous tasks, they are represented as task lists under the Project Tasks menu.

Task Lists

You can click on any task to expand it.

Also, you can search for a specific task in the list by typing into the search box.

Search Task

Manage list controls by selecting them.

List Controls

Change how the list is displayed.

List Display

You can edit the list by clicking the Pencil icon on this toolbar or in front of each item.

Edit List

You can also manage list views from the top. Selecting All will display all the list columns.

List Views

Task Filters can be used to display the required tasks only. You can add more filters by clicking the Add Filters link.

Task Filters