Chapter 5: Utilizing Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is crucial in project management to align project tasks and phases. Native Project automates Gantt Chart creation based on the project phases and tasks. It shows the tasks and activities through horizontal lines, and the timelines are mentioned on the horizontal axis. The tasks and activities are color-coded according to their status. The darker color represents the progress of the task.

Creating a Gantt Chart for Your Project:

To create a Gantt Chart, you first need to create a project. Go to the Gantt tab under Project. You will see a blank chart.

Blank Gantt Chart

Add phases and tasks to the project and return to the Gantt tab. You will see a Gantt chart auto-created by the program.

Auto-Created Gantt Chart

Managing Tasks and Phases (Milestones) on the Gantt Chart:

The Native Project Gantt Chart allows you to drag and drop the milestones and related tasks to change the dates.

To do so, click the Task/Phase and drag it to the new date column. You can also add task and phase dependencies from here. Double-click on the successor or predecessor and choose the fork icon.

Fork Icon

To connect to the task or phase before the current, click the handle on the left, and to connect to the former task or phase, click the handle on the right as demonstrated below:

Handle Icons

Now, go to the task/phase you want to link and click on its center.

Linking Tasks

The arrowheads will show the dependencies as shown in the following image:

Task Dependencies

To disconnect phases or tasks, double-click the corresponding handle again and select the disconnect icon.

Disconnect Icon

The flag icon on each task/phase determines its priority by color codes.

Priority Flag

When you click on a task or phase, a shortcut menu appears to make quick changes to the selected item.

Shortcut Menu

Projects Gantt:

The Projects Gantt menu shows the Gantt chart for all the projects collectively. The projects are mentioned in the leftmost column, and the tasks and phases are aligned with the dates.

Projects Gantt

It works the same as an individual project's Gantt but summarizes all the projects.

Gantt Chart Customization Options:

The org administrator can customize everything in a Gantt chart, including colors and shapes, according to their preferences.

Go to the Gantt Chart and click the Gear icon at the top. Select Edit Page.

Gear Icon

Now, modify the page from the right sidebar.

Sidebar Customization

For more information, refer to the Native Planner Guide.