Chapter 9: Timesheet Management

Timesheet Management is essential for tracking the time spent by resources on various tasks and projects. Native Project provides an efficient way to manage timesheets for accurate billing and payroll processing.

Creating Timesheets:

To create a timesheet, go to the Timesheets tab and click New.

Creating New Timesheet

Fill in the required fields and click Save.

Timesheet Details Form

Managing Timesheets:

You can view and manage all the timesheets from the Timesheets tab. Click on any timesheet to view its details and make necessary updates.

Managing Timesheets

Approving Timesheets:

Timesheets need to be approved before they can be used for billing or payroll processing. To approve a timesheet, open the timesheet and change its status to Approved.

Approving Timesheets

Reporting on Timesheets:

Native Project provides various reports to help you analyze timesheet data. Go to the Reports tab and select the desired report to view timesheet summaries and details.

Timesheet Reports